Primary Schools

Good school design matters. It is about the education and life chances of young people. Evidence shows a clear link between well designed schools and pupil performance and behaviour.

TSP have considerable experience in terms of utilising Building Bulletin 103; Area Guidelines for Mainstream Schools and for Primary Schools its predecessor Building Bulletin 99 – Briefing Framework for Primary Schools Projects.

We utilise the CABE checklist published in its publication “Creating Excellent Primary Schools – A Guide for Clients” and aim to produce a high quality sustainable approach to design, construction and environmental servicing.

Buildings and grounds that are welcoming, safe and secure, and inviting to the community while protective of the children. Internal spaces that are well proportioned, fit for purpose and meet the needs of the curriculum.

Flexible design to support transformation, allowing for short-term changes for layout and use, and for long-term expansion or contraction. Good environmental conditions throughout, including optimum levels of natural light and ventilation.

Well-designed external spaces offering a variety of different settings for leisure, learning and sport.

Our primary school projects

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